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      While exploring an old insane asylum, you hear a noise and then everything goes black. When you wake up, you realize you and your group have been chained to a wall and one person has been put into a straight jacket. 

       A former patient of the asylum has chosen you to play his game. He has given you only one hour to try and escape. You must work together and use your collective brain power to follow the clues left behind and escape the asylum. 

Can you escape or will you go mad trying?

This room can be played with 2 players at a time, but we recommend 4 or more players. One person on your team will start the game in a straight jacket and everyone else will be blindfolded and chained to a wall.  This is a two room game and is $12 per person + tax to play. All minors must have a signed wavier to play, no exceptions. Unlike our other rooms this room has a high creep level to the game.

Parental Discretion is Advised. 

Due to our liability insurance no child under the age of 5 can be permitted into any of our escape rooms. A responsible adult is welcome to wait in the lobby with any babies or toddlers

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