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The Christmas List

      We have good news and bad news this Christmas. Bad news, your names have been put on the naughty list. Good news, you have an elf on the inside willing to help you out. You and your team must sneak into Santa's workshop, get your names off the list, and escape before Santa comes back. The elf was only able to secure you one hour, so you better hurry! 


         This is great family room to play together. All children must be at least 5 years of age to be permitted into the room and must be accompanied by a paying adult. This is a single chamber room game the cost is $10-$12 per person + tax and can be played with

2-8 players. The more players you have the less you pay per person!

         If you played this room in previous years, it may be worth playing again. This room has all the classic puzzles from before with the addition of 7 new puzzles!

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